As a reminder, it is important to abide by the requests from the office to maintain a safe and smooth flow during drop off and pick up times.  Please keep the following things in mind:

  • Cafeteria Car Loop (Pre-K -2nd Grade Dismissal):
    Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office has advised us that cars that are stopping or parked in the northbound lane of Orange Grove prior to 1:55 dismissal are in violation of stopping on an active roadway and subject to citation. Please be advised dismissal begins at 1:55 so, please plan accordingly. If you are in the car loop lot early, please pull up or drive around to fill in every available spot. (Monday dismissal is at 12:55 pm)
  • Office Car Loop (3rd – 5th Grade Dismissal):
    A couple of notes about the McFarland car pick up loop
    1. Cars will not be permitted to enter the loop until 2:00 pm. Plan to arrive at 2:00 and not sooner due to bus and day care dismissal.
    2. Cars will be asked to pull all the way to the front of the loop and we will load as many cars as possible.  3rd – 5th Grade students who have a younger sibling, will need to be picked up from the cafeteria car loop.
  • Walkers:
    This option is only available to families who walk from their front door to the school to pick up their child. If you leave your house in a car, you must use the car loops.  Families who live on the south side of the school may use the Valencia gate entrance/exit. Families who live north of the school will pick up their children at the corner of McFarland Road and Orange Grove by the Carrollwood Elementary sign.  We will provide you with a walker tag that you will need to have with you every day.
  • Remember, safety first! No walking children through the car loop rows.
  • We have many small, precious people that may not be easy to see in mirrors!
  • If using the front parking area while visiting campus, please do not block the buses or try to get out of the lot while the buses are still there. Please only park in marked spaces.