We only have one planet to live on and right now, it’s sick and needs our help! The goal of the Carrollwood Green Team is to teach our students, staff, and parents how to take better care of the planet. 

Each month we will give you a Going Green Tip, which will be something you can do to help make the planet healthier. For the rest of that month, we will practice the tools we learn from the Going Green Tip at school to help fix that problem. If you want to practice at home too, that’s even better!

In addition to the Going Green Tip, each month we will also have pledge for your child to take that focuses on practicing what they’ve learned that month. To participate, you and your student can go online to sign the pledge. Part of taking the pledge means talking to your family about what your student learned, and working together to practice the solutions. Students that participate for at least 7 months (7 pledges signed online) will earn a special reward at the end of the year. If you miss a month, that’s okay! You can work on two pledges at the same time if you want to catch up!